Desi Hip Hop Music Video Streaming Platform Now On Android

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The dopest Desi Hip Hop Music Video’s from around the globe curated all in one place, welcome to Desi Hip Hop 2.0, welcome to the Culture.

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Desi Hip Hop as a movement, lifestyle & culture has been in the making for almost two decades. “Desi”, rooted in the Sanskrit word Desh, literally translates to ones country or land representing people from South Asia and the diaspora. South Asia includes India, Pakistan & Bangladesh who beyond borders, politics & religion all consider themselves to be “Desi” – in other words, proud of their “Hood”. The emergence of the Hip Hop culture in the 70’s is rooted in unifying African Americans to stand up n speak out for full civic and economic rights as citizens of the country. Together the two words take a very powerful stand for South Asian Youth diaspora.

At Desi Hip Hop Inc, we have always strived to nurture the culture organically by providing new & mainstream artists alike a platform to showcase their talent online. Today we are proud to offer you Desi Hip Hop 2.0, a mobile-first music video streaming OTT platform available on Android with iOS and SmartTV apps coming soon. Built on top of YouTube, Desi Hip Hop 2.0 curates the dopest South Asian Hip Hop music videos from around the globe providing a better experience for fans to discover new artists and drive more views to the original on Youtube. Win-Win Sucka!

The overall roadmap is to build a Platform based Ecosystem for the culture and offer additional monetization opportunities to Artists through LiveStream, Exclusive Content, Brand Integrations, Fan Subscriptions, E-Commerce, Events and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned because we’re just getting started.