Desi Hip-Hop Artists And Their Clothing Brands


We all are pretty much aware of the fact that hip-hop in itself is a trend setting genre. Not only have artists pushed their flair over the years, but they have also got the fashion industry buzzing by setting some glorious style statements. Ever since hip-hop’s establishment in the ‘70s, we saw many trends come and go, while few stayed around.

Also, hip-hop fashion has influenced many people from all different walks of life. The cool style statement brings a sense of freedom, attitude that some would call as ‘swag’. From 90’s to the current age, Hip-Hop  fashion has transformed the clothing industry and made rap artists create milestones in the fashion world as well.


As a matter of fact, some of our desi artists too have launched their clothing lines. In fact, fans love to copy the style of their favourite artist. And by launching their clothing line, these artists also help their fans to follow their dressing style and wear something similar. In this piece, we’re shedding light on some of the Hip Hop clothing lines started by Desi artists. So here is the list of “Desi Hip-Hop Artists And Their Clothing Brands”

1. Bohemia

Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper launched his clothing line long time ago for his fans. He also launched the KDM mixtape clothing line which offers t-shirts, hoodies, and caps as well. We have seen him wearing KDM goodies in various tracks likes “Titli” and “Meri Jeet”.


2. Badshah

Badshah is the latest desi artist who launched his clothing line by the name of Badfit. Badshah shared the brand logo and said that it will be launched very soon. All things considered, Badshah has made his name from Pollywood to Bollywood. Soon, he will be seen with worldwide music icon Major Laser as well. Badfit

This is not the first occasion when a Punjabi artist is propelling his own clothing brand, prior to this, Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu have already launched their own brands. Jazzy B’s brand name is “B-Jazzy Clothing and Garry Sandhu’s brand name is Fresh Collection.

3. Raxstar

Raxstar is an English rapper from Luton. As a matter of fact, Raxstar came into popularity after the release of tracks like “Ego” and “Brand New Swag Remix” with Bohemia in 2013. He gained more mainstream attention after collaborating with Badshah on the song ‘Bandook’. Rax is known for his versatility.


He also has a clothing line by the name of “Hanji Hello”. From hoodies to T-shirts to caps, Raxstar has a lot in his store. Here’s rapper Divine rocking Hanji Hello cap.

4. DesiHipHop.Com is the #1 platform empowering the Hip-Hop movement in South Asian communities globally. The term “Desi” comes from Sanskrit word “Desh” meaning, my country and refers to the people of or from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Sun J RaftaarSun J sporting DHH’s Desi Hoodie with Raftaar

“Desi Hip-Hop” is a term that refers to the fusion of musical influences from the South Asian (Desi) and Hip-Hop cultures. Furthermore, also has a brand called “Desi”. From hoodies to t-shirts and snapbacks, there’s a lot in store. Soon, we are going to launch fresh new merchandise for the fans to cop easily!

5.B3 India

B3 widely known as Battle Bars Bombay is a platform that provides emcees all over India a place to showcase one of the brutal forms of art in hip-hop called “Rap Battle”. They also have merchandise sold specially during their big scale events.

6.Gully Gang

Gully Gang is one of the finest hip-hop crews from the Mumbai city. The crew was formed by Divine along with the people he has come up with. It is one of the illest hip-hop crews in the scene. They also have clothing merchandise by the name of Gully Gang. You must have seen Divine wearing this t-shirt on his live gigs.

Gully GangDivine and Naezy sporting Gully Gang merchandise

This was the list of Desi artists and crews that have a clothing line. Let us know whose clothing line you liked the most!