Desi Emcees Explain The Meaning Behind Their Songs On New Series “Between The Lines”!

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Lyricism has been overlooked, misunderstood and sometimes straight up neglected by the listeners/hip hop junta throughout the country. The music scene has had limited resources to fully make people understand the power and meaning behind their most formidable weapons – their words. The songs that emcees make nowadays have real, deep rooted messages behind each verse and each line for that matter too.

The art of lyricism is to push messages between the words that they choose, and Mumbai emcee Siege is on a mission to spread these messages in a creative manner. Created alongside fellow content curator Vriddhi Sawlani, the team is all geared up to bring quality content that explores new angles in Indian Hip-Hop. “Between The Lines” is a show which he along with a small team has created that run along the lines of the show “Verified” by Rap Genius. Montage India is the core group that deals with the ideating, creating, producing and execution of the show and various other ventures. Here’s a quick trailer below!

Between Lines

Montage India have already set up their first season of “Between The Lines” featuring emcees like D’evil, Trap Poju, Dee MC, Enkore, and MC Altaf. They also got done organizing their first ever rap open mic gig – “Bars Only”. The first episode of Between The Lines features Mumbai emcee D’Evil explaining the verses from his hit single “Kadki”!

There is a whole new wave and generation of listeners that are tuning in to Indian Hip-Hop on the daily, this initiative makes it clear that lyrics matter and knowledge is key. In an ocean of commercialized rap and hip-hop, it is good to know that there is a haven and a safe spot for lyrics to not only be recognized, but broken down into the meanings and concepts behind them. This separates the talented from the watered down emcees and keeps the quality rush going.

Watch D’evil break down “Kadki” below and subscribe to the channel to support this awesome movement!