Desi Beam Is Making A Comeback With “Still Desi”


Finally, after a gap of 1 year, one of India’s favourite crews Desi Beam is making a comeback. As a matter of fact, they announced a brand new track “Still Desi” set to release on 1st October 2017. Desi Beam’s G-Frekey and MoJo did a refix of Jay-Z’s track which is being reproduced by Zeffrozer Music. Members of Desi Beam were silent for a year but are now in full form making more songs, more videos to bring back real Desi hip-hop.

Still Desi

Brief About Desi Beam

Desi Beam is a crew from Chandigarh and also one of the oldest and sickest hip-hop crews in India. They started the hip-hop wave back in 2008 and their track “Main Haan Desi” is still people’s favourite. Later all the members put out their solo tracks and again the whole crew came together for “Naa Dassja”. The crew comprises of Guru, G-Frekey, MoJo, Daa Parv, and Pardhaan. 

Still Desi 1

We reached out to G-Frekey to know more about this track. He stated, Still Desi has a very simple yet meaningful concept. Nowadays Desi emcees themselves don’t wish to see other Desis prosper. They don’t want to see anyone else reach higher heights of success than them. It’s the life of today’s human beings. The track sends out a message of unity. All of us in the scene should be supporting each other’s music instead of bringing each other down. We think this track will inspire everyone to stay united!”

They want every Desi Beam fan to listen to the track upon its release and show their love and support much like previous releases. It’s good to see the veterans of the scene stepping back in the game. More good Hip Hop music coming out of South Asia, now that’s the dream! Stayed tuned with for further updates on Desi Beam’s comeback.