Deshi MC’s drops comeback single – “Body Bags”


Xplosive, Skibkhan, & JDoc from Deshi MCs just dropped their comeback single titled “Body Bags” and they used this track to make their stand in Bangladesh Hip Hop.

The track is now all over the social media in Bangladesh and started to create a buzz among Hip Hop fans. So far, it has received mixed reviews from fans who enjoyed the “diss” track, while other fans left feeling that their comeback could have focused on numerous other topics. But no matter what, the track hit it’s intended audience.

Body Bags – Deshi MCs

Body Bags by Deshi MCs. Instrumental by BEATSBrothers. Mixed and mastered by Jay Flowrical

The track has three verses with no chorus, clearly indicating that this wasn’t just an ordinary single. Xplosive, Skibkhan, & MC Shaq made it a point to mention everybody they don’t have respect for.

“Before you copy styles understand who invented it”
“We are here to take over, Not here to participate” – XPLOSIVE

The legacy of the Deshi MCs came back alive through this track – and it seems as though that their team is well coordinated. But the only guy who is not getting involved in the new generation of Deshi MCS is the legendary MC Mugz. He still hasn’t made any public comments about the song and Deshi MCs fans are still waiting to hear from him.

Xplosive kicked it off by verbally attacking “keyboard gangstas” and stamped Deshi MCs as a returning force. Skibkhan held the mic in the second verse where he addressed biased media labels in Bangladesh. He also took the opportunity to go after certain rappers that he’s had confrontations with for the past couple of months. MC Shaq catches up on the third verse addressing all the Bengali MC’s who have been focused on showcasing a ‘fake persona’ on social media according to him.

deshi mcs banned 2

Hip Hop, Battle Rap, & Diss Tracks

Battle rap has been a part of Hip Hop since the very beginning. From legendary battles held on the corners of streets, to the ones that were showcased in movies like “8 Mile” – Hip Hop & rap battles go hand in hand. This culture of live freestyle battles later inspired a slew of “diss tracks” within the culture.

In the 90s, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. went back & forth through numerous diss tracks (well, we all know that most of the diss tracks were dropped by Tupac) which eventually led to the death of both rappers. Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay Z, and almost every artist during that era dropped diss tracks in a competitive way. Later in the years, competitive beefs like 50 Cent vs Rick Ross, 50 Cent vs Kanye, Eminem vs Bambino, & multiple others spawned out. Recently, Drake bodied Meek Mill, and then we were faced with the disappointment of Common and Lil Yachty when they took dissing to a new level when they argued on live TV – but both failed to drop tracks.

Even in Bangladesh, there has always been some tension between rappers. There has always been competitive beefs between all the major players who started the movement in the late 2000s, and has continued in that trend. For the past few years, there were less online disses, but the tension still existed.

It seems like Deshi MCs dropped this diss track to spark a new era of competition in Bangladesh Hip Hop. It sure sets the stage for a very interesting 2018.

deshi mcs body bags