Delhi Rapper Prab Aoulakh Is Dropping “Dilli Mera Shehar” Tomorrow!

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Prab Aoulakh is a Delhi based hip-hop artist. He is collaborating with D18 Studios for his next track “Dilli Mera Shehar”. Basically, from this track, Prab Aoulakh wants to show the positive side of Delhi. In addition, Delhi stays in the news for being the crime capital every now and then. However, people should know that the city is not just about hate and crimes, it also holds positive things.


As a matter of fact, Prab Aoulakh made sure that the track does not have any heavy punch lines. He wanted “Dilli Mera Shehar” to be a normal hip-hop track for the sake of the general audience and casual hip-hop listeners. In fact, he thought heavy bars will be difficult for the people to understand. He would have failed to convey his message to all the people in Delhi. He is going to release the track on July 14, 2017.

How excited are you for Prab Aoulakh’s track? What do you think is the best thing that Delhi has to offer?