Delhi And Dehradun Emcees Unite To Drop The Heat In “KhatraBoom”!


Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective straight outta Delhi recently collaborated with a fresh new group of emcees from Dehradun and the sounds are definitely booming! The group from Dehradun are called DehraBoom and their collaboration project with Khatarnaak goes by the wicked name – KHATRABOOM!


Khatarnaak Hip-Hop collective is back again to drop some bombs! And this time they’ve also brought their friends along from Dehradun city. Collabrating with the underground rappers and beat producers from the “City of Love”. This project also took place purely due to the love for the music and the culture from both sides of the country. It just goes to show how deep rooted music is in our hearts and lives.

The song is called “We Here To Claim”. The claim here being their hold on Hip-Hop across the country. This sick track features members Jinn, Tapas, Shan Krozy and CrOsT with the rap flow. The upbeat hyped out beat for the track was produced by Semmi. A young and talented beat producer who definitely set the tone loud and uptempo. The dope beat is all set to thrill and chill listeners. They can only go up from here!

Artists Unite, Vibes Connect

The best thing about these sorts of collaborations is the new kinds of sounds that people end up producing. This is also the best way to learn and grow and Khatarnaak can definitely exchange vast knowledge with the young guns from Dehradun. KhatraBoom is soon to take out many more tracks in this year. And we can’t wait to watch them drop hit for hit in unity! The visuals for this track are provided by the talented Galat Scenes. HipHop connects to the streets with this one! Check the track on the link below and let us know what you think!