Deep Kalsi And KR$NA Dropped “Woofer” From The Album ‘DNH Gang’

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The DNH team dropped a banger called “Woofer” featuring Deep Kalsi and KR$NA. They showed the world how to treat hip-hop in commercial tracks. KRSNA’s verse was not just a filler. In fact, KR$NA spat a dope verse without compromising the authenticity of the culture. Moreover, Deep Kalsi did the music for the track “Woofer”. This is the first track from their album “DNH Gang”.


We were expecting a rap verse by Deep Kalsi but after listening to “Woofer” its clear that he’s an amazing vocalist too. The track has lavish cars in great locations and fans will see Rafttar doing a cameo in “Woofer” as well. Raftaar shows up to support his team adding an extra twist to the video as well. Furthermore, the amazing video of “Woofer” has been directed and edited by Canfuse. Sukhpreet Singh and Deep Kalsi are credited for the engineering of the track. Also, the track was released via AK Projekts. 

Significant lyrics from the track

“Pedal dabaya, bhaita main kali benz mein,

Gurgawan, tuje dikhwan aja girl mere ends mein,

Ghur ghur k dekhte tere friends hain,

Din mein bhi on rehti lights mere lens mein.”

Raftaar’s Fans React To “Woofer”

AK Projekts posted on Instagram –

Click Here To Watch “Woofer” By Deep Kalsi And KR$NA

Also, The next track from the album will have Raftaar and KR$NA on it. As a matter of fact, they are done with the shoot of their next track. However, they haven’t disclosed the title of the track. But, Raftaar  posted many stories on his Instagram handle during the video shoot with KRSNA. In fact, the whole DNH gang was present at the shoot including Deep Kalsi.

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