Deep Dolla$ Drops Debut Album “Indian Style”

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In the US of A, many Desi Hip-Hop artists have risen to talk about their cultural roots and beginnings. has shed light on these artists covering their journey from beginning to the present day. Recently, we dug even deeper and found a diamond in the rough. Hailing from the West coast, Deep Dolla$ is the newest, freshest sounding Desi emcee we have┬ádiscovered recently. With Punjabi pride all over, he represents to the fullest. But there’s so much more to the man himself that speaks beyond music. He has also worked hard to become not only an emcee, but a beat producer and audio engineer too.

Punjabi Roots

Although little is known about him on the internet we know for sure that his sound is going to stand out. He already has launched multiple tracks on his SoundCloud. We covered his last video drop “New Mirza”. This song highlighted the new artist and his talent and potential in music. He’s certainly drawing a new school landscape in his music and he doesn’t hold back in production either. Canadian producer XD Pro Music is the one behind the beat on “New Mirza”.

Indian Style

Indian Style is what happens when you combine Hip-Hop culture with Punjabi Folk Music and culture. There is depth in this album as Deep has made all the right adjustments to the sound of it. There are different vibes in each of the tracks in the song list, but there is a constant reminder of the Punjabi-ness of the way Deep lives his life outside of the motherland.

Indian style could be called a collection and compilation of the life experiences, the connections, the roots and the environment around Deep Dolla$. It is an introduction to his world and the life that he lives in his own way. His sound can be defined as a laid back, mellow yet assertive tone blended with Punjabi folk and Hip-Hop music. Indian style is definitely and essential album to pick up coming from a breakout artist in California.

Check out the album and let us know your thoughts about it! Here is Deep Dolla$ with Indian Style!

Stream DeepDolla$ – Indian $Tyle on Spotify