Deep Cold

Deep Cold aka Da 1, has captured the ears of many listeners from a variety of backgrounds throughout the world. Deep Cold’s first album, In Trunks Now, featured big name artists such as David Banner, Slim Thug, Too Short, and Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) members – Big Moe RIP, Big Pokey, C-Note, and Jhaime. On the same album, Deep Cold featured 3 tracks that had Punjabi flavor mixed with Hip-Hop vibes. Introducing dirty south Hip-Hop with Punjabi music to the mainstream audience was something that was done unintentionally.

“I make music that sounds good” is Deep Cold’s  simple explanation of bridging the gap between mainstream Hip-Hop and Bollywood and anything that could possibly fall in between. Deep Cold made his appearance on the world stage with the hit Dekhlo Punjabi Munde. The track featured Kamla Punjabi who is Deep Cold’s childhood friend and label mate. ‘Dekhlo Punjabi Munde’ was recently featured in the movie Mel Karade Rabba. This song propelled both artists on to the scene and led to their collaboration album Nach Nach which was produced by DJ Sanj. Since that point Deep Cold has worked with Master Salim, Sonu Niigaam, David Banner, Too Short, Slim Thug, The Teflon Don, Sonny Brown, DJ Sanj/J-Nas, Diljit Singh, Jas Rai, Kamla Punjabi, Asha Bhosle, Raj Brar, Haji Springer and more.

More recently, Deep Cold and Kamla Punjabi released two songs on a Universal compilation titled Desi Hustle -Siti Maar and Duniya. Deep Cold is also one-third of the group 3 SINGHS along with Sonny Brown and The Teflon Don.

Never knowing what to expect from the man who calls himself Deep Cold is a gift within itself. Deep Cold aka Da 1 is known to wonder outside his realm and do what he does best; stuff he’s never done. From the straight gangsta rap to the punjabi hip hop music he does so well, Deep Cold’s music has it all. The impact that Da 1 has had on the fusion between East and West has yet to be realized. But rest assured, the only thing that means is that we have a bright future!!!!!