Dee MC Drops “Vadhaiyaan” Music Video Giving the Perfect Message


Dee MC recently dropped the beautiful music video of “Vadhaiyaan”, a track produced by SUNITMUSIC and from her debut album ‘Dee=MC²’. The video was premiered globally on Vh1 India.

‘VADHAIYAAN’ is a slap on the face of society’s hypocrisy, where people who have no clue about your journey want to give you advices on how to lead your life. It talks about the constant choices an artist has to make in a South Asian society, where art as a career is often looked down upon. Dee tells the naysayers to keep their advices to themselves, she gives them a thousand thanks. She also urges the women of the country to not silently endure injustice anymore. The music video also visualizes the message perfectly with amazing direction from Pankaj Naidu.

“Vadhaiyaan” is part of Dee MC’s debut album “Dee=MC²” which dropped in 2019. Watch the music video below.