Dee MC Breaks Through The Silence On Latest Freestyle Friday!

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Dee MC is one of the most distinct voices in the Indian Hip-Hop scene. She has a ton of accolades already and has been earning her stripes in the game since day one. The femcee has released a lot of tracks on her channel which relate to her experiences with life and has already been the face and voice of a lot of ad campaigns with various brands.

She has also toured the United Kingdom and Belgium all the while working on her upcoming EP. The EP is coming soon and is wholly produced by DJ Sunit from UK. Dee has repped the Indian Hip-Hop scene through and through and is one of the breakout voices from this scene.

In this edition of the Mumbai Freestyle Friday sessions, she steps up and breaks the noise in the game. As a voice of inspiration and the voice of a new generation of female emcees, she sets an example when she talks about her personal mental states on this verse. The verse signifies an artists inner mental experiences. The writing and imagery is deep and the tone of voice is soothing and calm at places, but gets aggressive when it needs to. Dee MC displays extreme dexterity in the way she has written this song, be it singing or rapping throughout the track.

The Silence Subsides

Dee MC has turned herself into a voice to be heard. The writing in this track shows that too. It clearly boasts the process with which she has defined her writing and sound style. The verse is personal in nature and explores her experiences with the mind. The layout of the track is simple yet it gets complex as it gets further and further towards the end. The instrumental provided by Shinji accompanies her voice perfectly as she rides the instrumental with sing-song verses and raw rap as well. We caught up with her to ask her her thoughts on the verse and this is what she had to say:

Bulletproof is just about putting up a tough front but inside all of us pick battles. As soon as I heard the beat by Shinji I got to writing and the song just took shape. DHH Freestyle Friday series has been a dose of fresh vibes into the scene. I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

And “Bulletproof” is the right kind of persona she paints in the song as well! The whole track drops a vibe that says no matter the pain and struggle, those are the things that mould us all to be bigger and better. One of the most distinct quotable being “Bulletproof how I feel, pellet scars on my skin” which displays the duality of an artist’s life.

Watch the video for the latest edition of DHH freestyle fridays – “Bulletproof” by Dee MC down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Share the track if you love it!