Dee MC Breaks Barriers In “No More Limits” On #MHDay2018

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Dee MC is in the Hip-Hop news once again for her latest video drop. This time the song is for a social cause. That cause is National Menstrual Hygiene Day celebrated on every May 28th. The element of Hip-Hop Music has been used to express, raise awareness as well as to bring change in society.

And in India, where the issue of menstrual health is still considered taboo, what other way to do all those things than by raising your voice. Dee MC is the perfect candidate to represent the cause and she has delivered over and above expectations.

No More Limits

Dee MC shines on this track. She sets a tone of seriousness as she raps along the beat. The beat is produced by HHB and it is perfect to rap stories on. And Dee MC raps her own story to this beat telling all about the way we view menstrual hygiene as backward. The song talks about why and how India as a country keeps shut about the personal hygiene matters.  It takes an expertly compiled verse along with a soulful hook and a tone that really inscribes the true meaning of the song right at the listeners.

The song is a part of a larger petition to make education on menstrual hygiene compulsory in schools. In a way, Dee MC represents the lost element of Hip-Hop with this track too. Knowledge about the issues that surround us. The rest can be summed up in this deep, constructive track below.

Watch the music video for “No More Limits” by Dee MC:

Also, sign the petition down below and support the cause! Hip-Hop For Change!