This Dance Cover Of Divine And Raja Kumari’s “City Slums” By FAM.O.U.S. Crew Is Fire!


Raja Kumari’s debut single with Sony Music is making major waves. “City Slums” featuring rapper Divine has already garnered millions of views in a span of days. It is the talk of the town in both the underground as well as the mainstream Desi Hip Hop scene. A melodic mosaic of the streets aka gully of Mumbai, an artful production and hip hop grooves give the track the ability to be an instant ear-worm.

Divine X Raja Kumari City SlumsDivine and Raja Kumari

It was only a matter of time before a dance crew made a cover video for “City Slums”. And who better than FAM.O.U.S. crew to cover a Divine track? They have previously covered the rapper’s track “Jungli Sher” as well. Hectik and Tee J from FAM.O.U.S. crew have put out fire moves on the tune of “City Slums”. Hectik went in with Krumping on Divine’s verse while Tee J who is known for her all styles dance killed it with her moves on Raja Kumari’s verse.

famous crew

FAM.O.U.S. crew is best known for winning the bronze medal at the World Hip Hop Championship. Since then the members of the crew have appeared on many big stages earning love and respect from the dancing community of the country. They even run their coaching centre in Mumbai. Hectik and Tee J are among the founders of the crew.

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The crew posted on social media stating, This video just happened so instantly. Few days ago while rehearsing for another crew video, we were all sitting a chilling and listening to this track and we went CRAZY! Tee j and Hectik instantly decided to make a kickass video with our very own, the insanely talented, @ujwal and his team.”

Post further read, “Normally FAM.O.U.S doesn’t dance to trending songs unless the track is really really good, but you best believe that THIS TRACK is way way way too dope for us to not do it. The lines, the music, the flava, the vibe is LIT as hell! Mad props to our favourites DIVINE and RAJA KUMARI for coming with a track that is moving the whole nation! Seeing them together in the video, all we could imagine was a TEE J × HECTIK kinda combination!” 

Check out the dance cover of “City Slums” by the duo here –

On the other hand, Raja Kumari and Divine recently celebrated the success of “City Slums” with a gig at Summer House in Mumbai. Talking about the track Raja Kumari stated, “DIVINE is extremely talented and I knew if I was collaborating with anyone it had to be him. City Slums is a story about the people of Mumbai. I am so inspired to be in the motherland and understand where I came from. It is such a blessing to collaborate with a REAL artist. The song and the lyrics are my take away of watching them, real people with real stories. I am the American Dream, phir bhi dil mein Hindustani.”

Check out “City Slums” Raja Kumari ft. Divine here –