DAMN! MC Kode Body-bagged BK At 9th Spit Dope Inc Event


Spit Dope Inc is a collective that organises rap battles and cyphers. In a short period of time, Spit Dope Inc has gained a lot of respect for their amazing efforts. Also, the way they started their journey is quite commendable. In fact, they started with four to five members who used to battle each other that too in a park. But they never stopped their hustle. As a matter of fact, people from different cities and different countries know about Spit Dope Inc now.

Kode vs BK

In addition to this, Spit Dope Inc released the video of their much-hyped battle between MC Kode and BKThis is for the second time both of them faced each other in a rap battle event. This was the 9th Spit Dope event that was organised in Hauz Khas village. With this battle, a landmark has been set up by MC Kode in the Delhi hip-hop scene. I was expecting more from BK but he failed. Also, Kode’s bars were like fire! He did a deep research on BK’s life. His bars on his father’s political career and the controversy about Bengalis were out of the box.

When I had a word with MC Kode about the battle this is what he had to say, “I received over 100 death threats for the style I use while I’m battling. Battle rap is not for sensitive people who get offended easily and my last two battles definitely prove it. My previous battle with BK was on spot and it was overall wack. But BK decided to put in money to sponsor the post and soon it received over a million views in numerous northeast Facebook pages. For the second battle, I went in like I got nothing to lose and went full ham.”

Those who haven’t watched this battle yet can click the link below: