‘Coast2Coast’ fuses dope Hip Hop vibes with Punjabi influences


When a gang of talented artists get together to create a record, their creative energies multiply. That’s exactly what happened when a group of North American Desi artists got together in the studio with Harm Sandhu.

Coast2Coast – Verbal Singh, Karman, Avatar, Mobbin Prod. Harm Sandhu

Harm Sandhu is one of Canada’s latest new-school producers who’s been working hard with multiple artists from all over. He brings his cross-genre compositions, meticulous production, & widespread mainstream appeal to his team at Harmed Forces.

He linked up with the talented artists featured in Coast2Coast to give listeners something dope and unique to vibe to. Verbal Singh is one such talented artist who was heavily influenced by the 90’s era of Hip Hop. He quickly connected with Karman who was also influenced by 90’s Hip Hop and Punjabi music. The two banded together and became part of Verbal Studio Productions.

With the east coast artists together, Harm went ahead and gathered some talent from the West Coast. That’s when he linked up with Avatar & Mobbin. Growing up in Oakland, CA, Avatar has been on the grind with music at an early age. Both Avatar and Mobbin were heavily influenced by West Coast Rap  Music and Punjabi music in their teens.