The Clash – One Of A Kind EP Where Hip Hop Meets Other Genres


Mumbai-based music consultancy 4/4 Entertainment conceptualised and launched – The Clash – a creative experiment with 8 artists from across 4 cities in India, that ran earlier this year. This series of live collaborations led to the launch of The Clash: Edition One EP, comprising of 4 songs that blend the musical styles and philosophies of all artists featured in the first edition. This creative endeavour has been supported from its inception by the creative stalwarts at Red Bull.

You can listen to ‘The Clash’ exclusively on Red Bull India HERE.


The Clash: Edition One features 4 songs with collaborations from these artists/bands: Providence (Metal), Swadesi (Multilingual Rap), Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective (Hip Hop) , Karajimo (Alt Rock), Street Academics (Rap), Space Behind the Yellow Room (Post Rock) , Boombay Djembe Folas (West African Folk), and Func (Electronica).

The Clash is no ordinary EP. You will hear elements of Rap, West African folk, Hip Hop, Metal and Electronica facing off, resulting in the birth of a new sound that is a product of a moment in time. It aims to challenge prevalent musical ideas and escape creative stagnation that plagues the homegrown music scene. It’s about blending cultures, languages, genres, art forms to deliver a ‘never before, never again’ experience with every edition. These one-off collaborations are delivered as unique live show experiences, and captured as content which 4/4 Entertainment plans to keep releasing as one-of-a-kind audio and video collaborations.

The Clash - One Of A Kind EP Where Hip Hop Meets Other Genres

Mumbai – Providence X Swadesi

Kaali Yug is a mix of some straight up thrash metal fused with some hip hop and rap straight from the suburbs and bylanes of Mumbai. This powerful track kicks off the EP in style. Talking about their experience Swadesi stated, “The Clash is one of a kind. Jugalbandi between two fully different genres. It’s like a union of half to make whole. For us rappers it’s beautiful to work with a metal band like Providence. Who help us become better musicians.”

“As hip hop artists it’s definitely important to collaborate with different artists from different genres because these experiences give us knowledge to complete us as a musician and not just a rapper,” Swadesi signed off.

Listen to Kaali Yug.


New Delhi – Karajimo X Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective

Pushing Through is a sweet mix of straight-up alt rock, catchy vocal hooks by Karajimo and strong rap verses from Delhi’s Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective. KHHC stated, “The concept and idea is what hit us. The whole experience of sharing the stage with a Rock band and getting to jam with drums and guitar was just amazing. From our first day till the show we were all fired up for The Clash.

Hip hop in our country is growing pretty fast. Events like The Clash where rap meets a new genre is important. It opens up the opportunity for both the music forms to spread plus helps to understand the other genre. We should have more shows like these for the culture to grow more,” Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective signed off.

Listen to Pushing Through.


Bengaluru – Space Behind the Yellow Room X Street Academics

Space Station is an interesting track with Space Behind the Yellow Room completely coming to a middle ground with their sound, yet keeping the vocal deliveries from Street Academics strong on this one. Street Academics stated, “Working on the clash was a wonderful yet challenging experience. At several situations it was literally clash of different styles, ideas and backgrounds, yet we were able to come out with an amazing track. Working with a progressive and experimental band like “space behind the yellow room” was an enlightening experience for us. 4/4 Entertainment has created a great platform for artists to collaborate beyond the barrier of genres.” 

“Hip Hop is all about collaboration and we strongly believe that collaboration is very important because it helps us to evolve musically and explore more genres. Every time we collaborate with an artist , its a fresh and unique experience. It also helps the hip-hop culture to grow beyond superstitions and reach masses,” Street Academics concluded.

Listen to Space Station.