Cizzy And Kat Jr. Bring Their Desi Flows On Ritzzze’s Sick Beat “In My City”


Cizzy, the face of Bangla rap in India and Kat Jr. have recently joined hands with one of the leading Hip Hop DJ of India, Ritzzze. “In My City” is a one of a kind multilingual folk-rap combination with an amazing production by Ritzzze.

The fact that the Indian DJs do not play desi rap music has caught Ritzzze’s attention. Ritzzze, whose real name is Rittesh Sikri, used to be a rapper when he started. But then he changed directions and became a DJ and a producer.

ritzzze(Ritzzze on the deck)

He first met Cizzy and Kat jr., at Tantra, The Park, when Raftaar came to meet The Cypher Projekt, Kolkata. Since then, he had been planning a track with these two. He finally made a beat which suited the vibe of these two artists and when the artists sent back the track he was amazed to see how far they took it.

22752886_10210148706893046_489855541_n(Kat Jr. and Cizzy)

Cizzy has shaped Kolkata’s underground rap scene whereas after the Red FM-StreetFood Music collaboration Kat Jr. is one of the very well known faces of Kolkata. They have brought their unique original styles to the plate. The folk rhythm of Bengal, and Cizzy’s quick catchy flow collides with the Bihari swag of Kat Jr. in “In My City”.


Watch “In My City” by Ritzzze ft. Cizzy & Kat Jr. –

Apart from that Cizzy and Joe who form StreetFood Music recently released their album “Uposonghar Noy” in association with DHH has exclusively distributed the album on all major platforms. Check it out!


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Exclusive Interview - Streetfood Music | Their Journey Of Making "Uposonghar Noy (Infirmus)"

Cizzy and Kat Jr.’s upcoming song is called “In My City” and the visuals are executed by Ritwick. Its releasing on Saavn and YouTube on 6th November, 2017. It’s gonna bring a wave in the desi hip hop music scene. Get ready!

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