Rapper Common Opens Recording Studio in Prison for Inmates


Common is one of Hip Hop’s most outspoken rappers in the game today and is always trying his best to help issues like the prison system and how it affects Black lives. On Oct. 5, CBS Chicago reported that Common has opened a fully functional recording studio inside Stateville Correctional Center in Cresthill, Illinois.

“The gentlemen who are incarcerated deserve access to better things in life so that’s why I fight for my city,” Common said. “And that’s why my heart is always with Chicago.”

Attorney Ari Williams initially came up with the idea to give the inmates at Stateville an opportunity to tap into their creativity while serving their respective sentences. The inmates will learn music production and creation as well as recording in a 12-week course set up by Common’s non-profit organization, Imagine Justice. The program will also benefit the inmates when it comes to their sentences. According to Alyssa Williams at the Department of Corrections, “Everyday they’re in this program [inmates] earn a day credit off of their sentence, as long as the statute allows for that”.

HEADER IMAGE by Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times