Chabuk’s “Downmarket” EP Is A Stellar Reflection Of Musical Dominance In Desi Hip-Hop

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Mumbai based rap-rock outfit Chabuk released its debut EP titled ‘Downmarket’ on 21st June 2019. The EP was launched exclusively on Apple Music – wherein the band was featured under its ‘ New Artist Spotlight’ channel – followed by a release across platforms on 5th July 2019.

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Rockcage Studios, which belongs to Sheldon Dixon, who is also the band’s live sound guy. The artwork for the EP was conceptualised and designed by Abhishek Choudhury, whose work the band stumbled upon on social media. Devanshu Sampats drumming gives this song a raging boost.

Downmarket’ is now available on various major streaming apps, details of which you can get from this link:


The EP starts off with the bands frontman – Microphon3 barge in with a barrage of lyrics like it was on wholesale. Halfway through the song, we see the band bring up the energy with some kickass riffs and energetic vibes. The song hopes to demolish what the understanding of “successful Hip Hop” is. The question at the chorus asks “Kaun Hip-Hop” in the essence of the term.

Pyaar is an ode to young love (with all its twists and turns), storytelling and metaphors run deep in the veins of the band and this song boasts their excellence at the game.

In their own words – “Downmarket is a song that asks you to take a good look around yourself. Everyone you know, in their own little moment, even if unknowingly is downmarket. We are all the underbelly, if not because of our pockets then because of our minds.”

The song is a visual breakdown of everyday life and the people around us. Quickly it takes a turn to destroy the hypocrisy around the environment. The Marathi rap that kicks in on the later end of the song is a kick to the face. Michael Lee (ex-guitarist and founder) plays a crucial role in the song with a kickass solo.

Shahenshah is a great end to the great EP. Shahenshah is a track that Chabuk released as a single earlier, and helped the band get recognition within the scene. The song exposes the “scene” in general. The overall vibe of the EP is supported greatly by bassist Roop Thomas. This EP is not one to miss.