This man’s Poem is ‘doper’ than most rap songs

Celestial continues to represent the West Coast & the Desi Hip Hop community at a larger level in more ways than just his unique rap skills. The man is well known for his crazy freestyles, and fordropping immense heat on every track he’s on. Songs like Lifestyle Baby really expresses Celestial’s level of creativity. He’s definitely a poet in a rapper’s clothing. Or, he’s just a plain rapper, because rapping is basically poetry on a beat! Check out his latest poem, the video is great, and the poem is really deep.

Watch Celestial’s “In a Second”

[youtube id=”bsx5HlKOpKA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Celestial is a talented solo artist who is also part of a larger Hip Hop collective in Los Angeles named BCF. BCF was established in 2006 and they continue to push limits to make their presence known in Southern California and abroad. Each artist has individually crafted their own unique sound which has enabled the group to create a melting pot of music, rich in style and creativity.

Some of their crew members include Gamble, Lil Shine, Shugga Shane, Draztik, Shakespear, Blaze.

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