Capo Status, Shaz Ft. J.J – Ain’t Nothing

Urban Prince Records presents us with the song “Ain’t Nothing” featuring Capo Status, Shaz, and J.J. Each artist brings their own flavor and experience to the track and the final product is impressive.

Capo is a Canadian artist which has always enjoyed music. Whether he is singing, rapping, or pro ducting, Capo finds a way to leave his mark through music. Capo has performed around the world including Pakistan.

Shaz is from the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Shaz began his musical journey by playing the guitar and then  the saxophone. In his teenage years, he turned to deejaying. Taking a business approach to music, Shaz began a club promotion, artist management company only expanding his network.

J.J. is born and raised in Pakistan who remains inspired by poetry. He began writing his own over a variety of topics and this evolved into writing lyrics. One thing led to another and J.J. embraced Hip-Hop music.