Gangis Khan ft Guerrillero & King Dapz – Canada to Panama


Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge drops “Canada to Panama” ft Guerrillero & King Dapz. Coming from Scarborough’s rough Orton Park neighborhood, Gangis Khan is no stranger to gun talk and no stranger to the streets, he rolls deep, blood red, across borders – prolly the only Desi to have every been shot – so respect that. This latest collaboration from “Canada to Panama” is a testament to how he really gets down.

That being said, we’re gonna take some time out to separate the oil from the water. In a time when Hip-Hop is spreading like free sex across South Asia, it is important that aspiring Desi Hip-Hop artists “keep it real”. So to all you Desi rappers waiving pistols and bats in the air, if you have a 9-5, eat dal and roti with your parents every night and the only fighting you do is on a computer game, please don’t try to be a gangster. Pick up the pen and mic, go back into the studio, meditate and talk about what’s important to YOU. If you try n fake it, you never gone make it.

Meanwhile, check out Gangis Khan and his crew on “Canada to Panama” and leave your feedback!!

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