Canada Represents with ‘Believe Me Music’ Festival

Believe Me Music Festival gathers Canadian Desi Hip-Hop talents and puts them on the same stage for an unforgettable music experience; this year the festival will take place on November 25.

“Three years ago, Believe Me Music was formed to counteract the exploitive nature of the current music industry. Although they come from a history of rich artistic expression, many individuals of the Diaspora community are not provided an outlet to express themselves creatively and Believe Me Music has set forth to provide an environment to foster talent and encourage artistic growth,” as described on the event’s website.

Artists at the festival will perform a variety of music styles including Urban, Jazz, R&B, and Spoken Word. The festival celebrates diversity while connecting the Desi community to the greater Canadian one pushing the Desi Hip-Hop movement.

The line-up this year includes:
Humble The Poet (Punjabi/Canadian)
Sikh Knowledge (Punjabi/Francophone-Canadian)
BMagic (Norweigen/Punjabi)
Stric (Jamaican/British)
Selena Dhillon (Punjabi/Canadian)
Spooks (Ghanaian/Canadian)
Ess (Ghanaian/Canadian)
Noyz (Punjabi/Canadian)
Spek 1 (Ghanaian/Canadian)
Dey (Ethiopian/Canadian)
DJ DviousMindz (Guajarati/Canadian)
Ziad Ali Tahir (Pakistani/Canadian)

Will you be attenting the Believe Me Music festival on November 25 at The Rock Pile?

Check out the Facebook Events page for more details.