Byg Byrd Dropped Another Banger “So High”


Byg Byrd is making good music these days. As a matter of fact, being a hip-hop music producer, he is making some dope beats for the Punjabi singers as well. Accordingly, he is producing some real shit which adds a nice twist to the track. Byg Byrd is the illest producer in the scene and we want more and more beats like this from him.

So High

Talking about his recent track “So High”, it is sung by Sidhu Moose Wala. Furthermore, the whole track has been penned down by Sidhu Moose Wala. The track is being presented by Humble Music and the track is digitally powered by One Digital Entertainment. On the other hand, his recent releases like “Roti India Tak” and “Daleriyan” with Simrat Gill also did well.

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Apart from this, Byg Byrd also released a track called  “Mrs.Sauga” by Sunny Malton which is a pure hip-hop track. Byg Byrd and Jeawan Beats did the music production for the track while Rodzilla shot the visuals for “Mrs.Sauga. Apart from this, he also released “Goliyan” this year which featured Haji Springer and Jay R. On the whole, Sunny Malton totally murdered the instrumental and went ham on this one. This track is straight fire!

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