Brotha V And Sanjeev T Team Up To Spread Awareness About Congenital Heart Disease


Since he picked up the microphone, Brodha V has been known to deliver some of the most unique pieces of music that has been observed in the Desi Hip Hop soundscape. He is most noticeably known for his primary content, the song and music videos he drops on his channel. But that doesn’t stop him from excelling at any of his auxiliary pieces of work or external collaborations too. Sanjeev T is an amazing guitarist, music producer, and even a great singer/songwriter. He has collaborated with the likes of stellar guitarist Baiju Dharmajan and this time, he has stepped in to the world of hip hop. His songwriting appears in the way he has treated this current collaboration too.


For The Children

Brodha V uses his creativity to the maximum potential in these moments too. And this time, he has teamed up with veteran guitarist Sanjeev T on a track to spread awareness about congenital heart disease. CHD is a kind of disease that is mostly present since the time of birth. Brodha V and Sanjeev T teamed up with Max Healthcare to create this unique piece of music. Their aim is to spread awareness of CHD so that it can be detected and treated early on. This is music for a noble cause.


The most unique thing about this song, is that the beat of the song is engineered from real life heartbeats of different people. Brodha V is as skilled on the mic as he is off it. Both him and Sanjeev T have created a wonderful beat, and the song writing just speaks for itself. Sanjeev has also sung a part of the bridge and gracefully adapts to the beat with his guitar skills too.

Song Of Life

The chorus in the song goes like “give the beat for a song, the song of your life”. This part of the song is sung by children of various ages. This is to signify the release date of the song being on Children’s Day. The music as well as its message is all for the children. It references how the heartbeat becomes a song that everybody has within them. This line alone lets you know the importance of the heartbeat, and using this as a premise, Brodha V and Sanjeev T have created a song about taking care of the heart. CHD effects over 1.5 Lakh children each year. This is a great initiative by Max Healthcare to use hip hop to spread awareness about this issue. You can donate your heartbeat at and learn more about CHD.

Watch the video down below and share it to spread awareness!