Boom Shiva Productions Vs Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective? What’s Your Take?


New Delhi hip-hop scene is getting hotter as there is a beef going on between Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective and Boom Shiva Productions. It all started when DG from Boom Shiva and Sun J from Khatarnaak faced some creative differences. As a result, DG parted his ways and formed a new crew called Boom Shiva Productions. We have always seen these two crews having heated arguments on various social networking sites but that’s not all.

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A few months ago, Khatarnaak dropped a track called “Fuck Fake Rappers” which targeted all the fake rappers in the game. On the other hand, Boom Shiva members thought that “FFF” is directly pointed towards them. As a result, they released a track called “RIP Khatarnaak” which features Sniper, Virtual AF, Sagar Jaat and DG.

In addition to “RIP Khatarnaak”, Boom Shiva Productions clarified that they don’t care about KHHC anymore. Additionally, all the memories of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective are resting in peace for them now. According to them, its a straight forward reply to Khatarnaak’s diss track, “Fuck Fake Rappers”.

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Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective came back with a strong reply and released “Still Here”. Sun J produced the beat while all the members from the collective smashed it lyrically. Considering everything, the song focused hard on their motive of not giving a damn about beefs. They don’t consider them as their competition anymore.

In our conversation about the situation with KHHC, they suggested: “Boom Shiva started way back with KHHC. It was started together by DG and Anirudh. When KHHC was only focusing on the rap game, BS wanted to do commercial stuff. We all were friends and did music together. Things went wrong when we told DG to stop using samples and make fresh beats instead. After that, we had many arguments over many different issues. In the end, we had to part ways from him and he was out for the good. Later, his production house started abusing us on various platforms. “Fuck Fake Rappers” was directed directly towards Boom Shiva. “Still Here” is the reply of “RIP Khatarnaak”. For everyone who knows true hip-hop, understanding the difference between a Collective and a Production House won’t be difficult.”

However, fans are a crucial part of the support that an artist gets. To keep things flowing properly, we decided to ask for your opinion. Who do you think delivers better music and who do you think actually won?

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