Bombay Lokal Puts Nalasopara On The Hip Hop Map

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Mumbai’s hip hop collective Bombay Lokal has always strived to be vocal about their surroundings. Once again the hip hop group has represented the place they come from which is Nalasopara. The suburban lifestyle they have grown up with is heavily influenced by hip hop culture.

“Bombay Lokal” is the very first Hip-Hop collective from “Vasai-Nalasopara-Virar”(northern suburbs of Mumbai). It is a movement initiated by skilled/passionate hip-hop artists to spread the culture and to raise socio-political awareness amongst the youth. The group consists of emcees, b-boys, beat-boxers, graffiti writer and a DJ.

(Emcees – Shaikhspeare, GRAVITY, Rhymix and A-Ban; B-boys –¬†Alchemy, Flame, Little Jesus; Beatboxers – Dcypher & Beat Raw, Graffiti writer Mooz and DJs Leaf & Brayne Dead)

By combining all the elements of hip-hop together, MC Shaikhspeare founded the collective with a vision to unite the people, raise social or political awareness amongst the youth, and provide recognition to the street culture by making it reach the local masses of Mumbai and beyond.

He speaks about the hip hop culture and its relevance in the Indian society where many social evils prevail. Raising voice against atrocities through the medium of rap, this hip hop group has released multiple tracks till date. With cross border collaborations with Daranti Group showing how far they are willing to spread the unity.

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