Bombay Emcee Shah Rule Start Own Cap Line – “Rule Worldwide”!

Shah Rule has been steadily climbing the Hip-Hop music scene in India. He has a string of releases that have done great in terms of gaining fast momentum for his movement as well as showing what modern Desi rap can sound like. The emcee is no stranger to bars and lyricism and what people also dont know is that he also produces most of his own beats.

Apart from his reach in the music industry, he is a frequent emcee and host on a lot of events in Mumbai. He also plays a role in the upcoming Ranvir Singh starrer Bollywood movie – “Gully Boy”! Shah Rule has delivered time and again in terms of his vocal, music and video production quality, so it is safe to say that his cap line will reflect that side of him too.

No L’s Taken

His last release “Lakhs” was released earlier this year and caught up speed really quick. It is not a stretch to say that he has big things planned in the days and months to come. Just a few days ago, Shah Rule initiated his entrepreneurial side by launching his own line of snapbacks! The cap line is called “Rule Worldwide” and it seems like these stylish snapbacks are already a must-add to your wardrobe!

Custom made hats representing his music and wave. The emcee has stepped on to sell his merch and these hats come in a wide variety of unique designs. Check out some of the quality hats below:

These caps have been rocked by a huge amount of artists and fans alike, as the instagram stories and posts will justify. They are available for worldwide shipping too! Shop these caps worldwide and also do not forget to follow the Instagram page for more such unique snapbacks. Check out some more of Shah Rule’s music down below and make sure you get with the program!