Bohemia To Star In New Drama Series ‘Dual Arrangement’

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Bohemia is back in the news, and this time it’s a fresh start. Bohemia seems to be doing it all nowadays. From his rise to fame in the early days of desi hip hop, to continuing his legacy onward and upward. Dropping hit single after hit album, he is someone who has done it all. There are few global Desi Hip Hop artists that can uplift the culture as he can.

His power on the mic is amplified as much as the presence he holds on screen. And, as if on cue, Bohemia has confirmed that he will play the lead role in an upcoming drama series. Pushed forward by BLKPRIME.COM – the series is named “Dual Arrangements”. The confirmation was courtesy of his Twitter page, as he has shared the link to the teaser trailer of his new endeavour.

Get ready for some intense entertainment starting real quick. Follow him if you haven’t been already, and watch the upcoming series from the get go.

A Star Is Born

Bohemia has had a good year running, with singles and a few collaborations with top cats around the global industry. He has also been a long player in the Global Desi Hip Hop world. Just last month he dropped Sandesa, which received enormous amount of love from all of his fans and followers.

The song was also self produced, and it was a unique story telling track by a rap pioneer, who has been a staple name in the game for decades. His story is laid out on the track in a heartfelt and soulful manner. Check out the song below and let us know what you think.

The Bigger Picture

After making countless hit records, he is all set to debut his acting career with this particular series. The series is about indian girl “Radha” and the character that Bohemia plays named “Ranvir”.

Radha keeps her promises to marry Ranvir in the perfectly arranged marriage. Her dreams of writing her own literary novel becomes a faint fantasy as she goes to America with her new husband. But her mindset changes on her wedding day as she starts her journey with her newly wedded husband, Ranvir (Bohemia).

The plot highlights a lot of inconsistencies in the society we live in,when it comes to arranged marriage in the Desi culture. This is a topic that few people have dared to explore and we cannot wait to watch the show. It seems interesting and to the point. It also shows the rift between dreams and life happening to oneself.

Bohemia is no stranger to standing in front of the camera and displaying excellence in his presence. Although no official release date has been announced, we are sure that his upcoming series will be a super hit as it drops. Check out the teaser trailer for “Dual Arrangement” below and to give it a share if you are a fan of Bohemia and his work.