Bohemia Is On A Roll With New Music, New Tattoo And New TV Show!


Punjabi rap king Bohemia is on a roll making back to back major moves. The rapper recently announced his acting debut in a show named ‘Dual Arrangement’. Apart from that he also got a brand new tattoo inked right below his chest. Bohemia has blessed us with lot of collaborations and singles this year, his latest one being with singer Babbal Rai.

Bohemia collaborated with Babbal Rai for the music video of “Mai Terra Akshay”. Giving ode to his Chandni Chowk to China verse, the rapper spits bars in a similar fashion in his latest drop. According to a tweet by him it seems like the track was named something else earlier and was changed to “Mai Terra Akshay” by Babbal Rai after hearing Bohemia’s verse.

Check the video out here!

Apart from this Bohemia will soon be seen in a music video with Sidhu Moosewala for their track “Same Beef”. Release date hasn’t been announced yet but excitement among fans has already peeked. Some are of an opinion that history will be made when this collaboration drops!

September is going to be hot for Bohemians as they will get to see their idol act in a show for the first time. As a matter of fact, “Dual Arrangement” is set to premiere on September 28th, 2018 and fans have a one time chance to sign up for a month’s free trial.


It is not unknown that Bohemia is fond of tattoos and each one represents something for him. Recently he shared images of him getting a tattoo adding another one to the list with a sick “50 Desiz”gun tatted right below his chest.

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