Bohemia reaches half a million fans!

Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper has reached over half a million fans on Facebook, a first ever achievement for any Desi Hip-Hop artist! The Punjabi Rapper, a pioneering Desi artist from the Bay Area, CA has been hustling hard for over a decade with three albums on major distribution under his belt and lead tracks in Bollywood movies. Infusing Punjabi Rap lyrics with Hip-Hop music, Bohemia has been inspiring many of the next generation of Desi artists around the world to push the boundries of the Hip-Hop lifestyle into the Desi culture.

In a recent conversation with Bohemia, has come to find out that his highly anticipated fourth album, “Hazar Gallan” (1000 Thoughts) is due to release sometime in May 2012 featuring mainstream Hip-Hop acts and other international collaborations with a lineup of new videos!!

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