Bohemia & Gitta Bains Dropped A Desi Soulful Track “I Don’t Wanna Say That”!

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Yet another verse by the global Desi Hip Hop superstar Bohemia has dropped, and with it comes some soulful vibes. Bohemia has been on a roll lately between his music, collaborations and the digital series “Dual Arrangement” where he plays the protagonist. This song is a vibe to listen to from start to end. Gitta Bains has done an outstanding job on the vocals. Gurlez Akhtar flows intricately between both their verses and delivers a beautiful desi tone to top things off in this one.

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It is also an amazing combination of melodic rhythms, desi sounds and Bohemia’s signature style. The visuals stand in tune with the desi lifestyle. It is a simplistic blend of visuals of a desi lifestyle abroad and Bohemias verse relates to the same. No drugs, guns, violence or semi-nude girls dancing around to these desi tunes. It is authentic and core to the bone. The songwriting on this song also deserves applause and we see that flow through the entirety of the track.

Check out the visuals for Bohemia -x- Gitta Bains -x- Gurlez Akhtar – “I Dont Wanna Say That” down below and let us know your thoughts!

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