Bohemia Drops Heartfelt Bars On “Gumrah”


The wait is over. The king is back. We have the first single from Bohemia already here. And for those that don’t know it’s a heartfelt track. The song is called “Gumrah” and the word roughly translates to being led astray, or being lost. This song reminds us all of the vintage Bohemia. This is classic Bohemia. Firstly it reminds us all of the value and weight of Bohemia’s voice in the Hip-Hop world. Having the power to inspire heavily and change people’s lives, he uses his space well.

A Thousand Thoughts

This is an essential example of why Bohemia is highly regarded as a legendary poet and emcee. The song takes you through the thoughts,  feelings and emotions that take place in a lost soul.  The description Also mentions that the song is meant for all the life lost due to violence and abuse. It is also a song that highlights recent issues like the Zainab case. With soulful versus laced between an even more soulful hook, Bohemia does an introspection into the ways of humanity and the lives around us in a beautiful manner. Songs like these by Bohemia are called poetry in motion. Apart from most of the commercial stuff that he has done lately, the song is reflection of the man himself and the way he feels about the world.

The song has beautifully expressed the times that we live in. It acts as a mirror to the whole world, showing them that we all so desperately needed. This is the impact the prowess of a lyrical genius can make. It just goes to show that Bohemia can switch off at anytime that he pleases and talk about the things that really matter. It takes real Effort and time like this and it isn’t surprising that Bohemia has also composed the track.

The Lost

There are a lot of suppressed voices and stories in our country and our side of the world. Not many of these stories make it to the mainstream media. In a way, it is the artists responsibilities to be the voice of their people. And in this sense, Bohemia is fuelling that side of the story too. Leaving no stone unturned, he is representing Hip-Hop on a holistic level, like it or not. We’re awaiting much more of such drops by the man himself.

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Until then, watch the video for “Gumrah” below and let us know what you felt while listening to the song. It goes without saying that such a song and a message deserves a share! Bohemia is back!