Bohemia & Deep Money Were Quick To Drop The Years First Banger “Zeher”


‏You know 2018 is already shaping up big when the big man Bohemia comes through with a banging verse on the years first banger! Deep Money was quick to usher in the first hit of the year and kept the party scene alive and well with a song called “Zeher”. The name as you will find out by the passing of the song refers to alcohol. The song plays on the metaphor of alcohol being a vice and it is a party track upfront, without a doubt.

A New Vision

Deep Money is known to create such bangers and that’s what makes him a hit maker. This record just goes to show  that the hit making ability is still going strong and how. Bringing Bohemia on the track just elevated the tracks appeal even further and pushed it forward on a whole another level. Bohemia being Bohemia has always shined and stood out in any track that he touches.

This song is definitely one of the best examples of how he makes himself as well as the track stand out. It’s watching the genius at work in his own playground. That’s what real hit makers can do. They can sense what makes the track better and hit the right spots at the right time. Deep Money is going for the win on each song that he does and Zeher is certainly a great concept and execution. Currently the video stands at over 6 million views on YouTube. And this is just 2 weeks in with the release. That’s saying a lot for how good the song is doing for itself.

Creative Process In Sync

Team DG has a great job of creating the visuals around the song. It sees Deep Money and Bohemia in different settings. And takes different angles at creating a pattern for the music video. Perhaps the best factor about this hit is the fact that Deep Money himself has produced the instrumental. An upbeat club banger of this quality coming to the table is certainly setting the bar for producers and vocalists around the industry.

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Watch the visuals for the first hit of the year presented to you by Deep Money and Bohemia right down below. How are you feeling about the new Bo verse? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share the video and let em know!