Billy Danze of M.O.P AND DJ SIN introduce “RUN – Raps United Nations”

Billy Danze of MOP is dropping a Mixtape to launch his new project entitled “RUN – Raps United Nations.” that features a whole array of new talent being produced by WE BUILD HITS. Who better in Hip Hop to start this then Billy, having  successful songs that broke charts in the mainstream yet still maintained his raw edge that any MOP song Delivers. Billy also  quoted to, “I’m Proud to have Sin on board the “RUN” project as Asia’s official DJ. Time to get this and open doors for real hip hop artists.”

The first mixtape is releasing in February named “First Wave” which features the single “Battlefields” by Ducth that has a video on its way to us. When Sin was asked about the Mix tape he said, “I might drop a verse on the first if it can be fit in schedule.”

New York and the rest of the world got some Hardcore Hip Hop headed their way real soon