Anik Khan drops immigrant anthem – Big Fax


Anik Khan just dropped immigrant anthem – Big Fax – that’s got his fans sharing the heck out of it!

In America and most of the world, the topic of immigrants are in the mainstream; & it’s not going away for a while! Anik Khan is one such immigrant who’s been brought up by his neighborhood in Queens, NY. So what better way to represent his immigrant culture and background other than to put it in his music?

Anik Khan¬†was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh to an ambitious father who had¬†bureaucratic roots and was a freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Anik was only four-years-old when his family moved to the United States. Moving from Dhaka to Astoria, Queens, New York was a big move for him. Since then, he’s grown a lot, learned a lot, and created a new life for himself.

Watch Big Fax by Anik Khan

Anik Khan goes on a rampage of braggadocios lyrics in Big Fax, and backs it up with all the creativity behind the piece. The song bangs hard and the music video takes that to a whole new level of LIT!

In a recent Instagram Live session, the rapper mentioned that his dad was confused about Anik’s decision to be a musician. “My dad was like, ‘You’ll be a rapper? are you out of your mind!?’ But he later accepted it after seeing that I can be successful with this.” With the release of his 2017 album, Kites, Anik Khan also dropped the music video to Habibi earlier in 2018. He has continued to put in effort to represent his people through all his work. “Every time you see a brown man depicted on TV, he’s either a deli clerk, cab driver, or some goofball with an accent. No culture or race is one in the same.” Anik recently told Paper Mag.



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