Bhanga Bangla Drops Fire Desi Trap Video – The Village

Bhanga Bangla just redefined Desi Trap with the release of The VillageWith this music video, Bhanga Bangla is sparking the imaginations of teenagers with eye-grabbing visuals that represent their Bangladeshi heritage, in addition to their American Desi heritage and upbringing.

These are the same 3 artists who lit up the internet when they debuted with the first Bangla Trap single – Matha Ta Fatabo – in January 2018, which was followed by their 2nd single, Chup Thak. Now, they returned to light up the summer with The Village. The Village has Desi Trap vibes written all over it! And, one can’t argue that they haven’t represented trap music in the right way for Desi audiences worldwide; but you know what? You be the judge. 👇

Watch The Village by Bhanga Bangla



Bhanga Bangla‘s latest single and music video – The Village – continues the story from their first 2 singles – Matha ta Fatabo Chup Thak. This one starts off in the sickest way possible like a full blown action movie – with weapons, guns, and a full blown war taking place between friendlies and a ‘foreign army’ who is represented by AATF members in the music video. With dope visuals and a spell-bounding story-line, Bhanga Bangla has captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide.

The trio was brought up by the city of Los Angeles. Their love of the city’s music has pushed them through numerous challenges, and now they use their influence from the city to actively break stereotypes in the world of Hip Hop.

Bhanga Bangla The Village

Mainstream Hip Hop and fans of popular current artists haven’t yet seen the full potential of immigrant artists. But, with music videos that look like excerpts from anime and superhero movies, and songs that anyone can vibe to, Bhanga Bangla is carefully breaking out of their limits and inspiring countless other artists to break out of societal bounds.

“We’ve never had a Desi artist wearing our Indian clothes and making trap music before. I listen to Drake and Migos; but I always wanted to see if one of us could do what they do.” says 16-year old California native, Amar Malick. “When these guys dropped their debut music video, they made my jaw drop… We don’t play when it comes to music here in Cali; and Bhanga Bangla’s keeping that inspiration alive for me to believe in my own music.”

Bhanga Bangla The Village

The trio of artists that make up Bhanga Bangla are Ivory Shakur, 41X, and Young Prince. The three artists have been working in the music industry for more than a decade. Their early careers were indulged in writing music for multiple California-based musicians. Since then, they decided to band together and work on music that represents who they truly are.

The track is yet another ear worm produced by the Bhanga Bangla crew. In fact, it’s such an ear worm that you won’t get away with listening to it just once – and, even if you did listen to it just once, it’ll keep playing in your head like a late-night commercial on repeat!