Bhanga Bangla garners global reactions with RANI

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Bhanga Bangla released their latest music video – RANI. With a head-boppin instrumental coupled with soothing vocals & catchy verses, “Rani” creates a melody that’s curated to get stuck in your head – for a really long time!

The Los Angeles based brothers, Ivory Shakur, 41X, and Young Prince, has been writing & making music for almost decade together. In 2018, Bhanga Bangla was born when they decided to band together & work on music that represents what they truly believe in.

Watch RANI by Bhanga Bangla

The Bengali Trap group, Bhanga Bangla, made impact with their unique sounds mixed in with shockingly out-of-the-box videos. With 11 million views racked up in their first year, they are back with their 9th single – ‘RANI’. As usual, the music video is filled with eye-catching moments, with dragons flying over the city, & impending destruction going on with AATF forces carrying out a home invasion with a family inside. But of course, it wouldn’t be a Bhanga Bangla music video if Ivory Shakur, 41X, and Young Prince didn’t come to the rescue!

Apart from the music video, the song itself is an “earworm” in every sense of that word. Not only are the melodies super catchy, but lyrically, this song is what we need right now in quarantine. Through these trying times in the world right now, Bhanga Bangla’s “Rani” talks about the importance of family & our loved ones in our lives.

Global Reactions

Every time Bhanga Bangla drops a song or music video, a whole gang of reaction videos & reaction posts start poppin’ up on social media. The release of ‘Rani’ saw the same engagement as social media reactions started flooding the timelines on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

What did you think about this music video? Here are some social media reactions that we enjoyed!