Bhanga Bangla debuts with 1st Bangla Trap single – Matha Ta Fatabo


Bhanga Bangla – a Bengali crew straight out of LA – just dropped the first Bangla Trap song.

Ivory Shakur (previously: Gamble) has been making music since a decade ago. He is undoubtedly one of the few artists who has his own style when it comes to rapping and singing. Ivory has done it all. Their team at Bengali Crown Family Entertainment  has been working at it for over a decade. The group includes artists like Shugga Shane, Lil Shine, Young Prince, 41X, Ivory Shakur, among others. This group has been a major part of the Bangladeshi Hip Hop industry almost all of the artists from the group got featured on various Mainstream hip-hop projects and websites.

This song & video not only stamps their mark, but also marks the first Bangla Trap song. Check it out below, and share your thoughts with us.

Producer: 41X
Director: Kyle Morgan
Stylist: Shaira Mosharraf

Trap Music 

Hip Hop is a competitive sport. It’s not for the weak. And, just like any artistic work that’s new, it will face criticism and competition. However, with all the competition between artists, BCF members have always been one of the few who never stepped into beefs with anyone.

Due to the nature of the song and video, many people expressed mixed reactions on social media as many never thought that Hip Hop can be expressed in this type of variation too.

Bhanga Bangla

Ivory Shakur had disappeared from the music scene for some time after he dropped his last project “Black Hearts” which featured some of the most coolest artists around such as Rated PG, Stoic Bliss’ one-half Ac1d, and his hip hop family Bengali Crown Fam team.

Later he made a big return to the hip-hop scene introducing his new manager along with a new persona and left the fans to expect something more even unique as he usually does with his art. That’s when Gamble became Ivory Shakur, and joined forces with 41X and Young Prince to create Bhanga Bangla.