Bhanga Bangla brings the heat with “BOROF” on Sony Music

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Bhanga Bangla releases new music video “Borof” via Sony Music Entertainment.

  • The group is formed by three brothers of Bengali origin – Ivory Shakur, 41X, & Young Prince – and has sparked the attention of their fans through visually enticing music videos.
  • Hailing from Los Angeles, the immigrant Hip Hop trio – Bhanga Bangla – showcases the versatility of the new wave of Hip Hop music among South Asian artists.

Bhanga Bangla, the viral sensations of Bengali origins, today released the music video to their fifth single – “Borof”. The trio is part of the new wave of Hip Hop music coming out of South Asian artists around the world. Borof, the first release from Desi Hip Hop & Sony Music’s hip-hop-focused imprint, Awaaz, promising to lure a new wave of music fans and grow the hip-hop genre through fresh sounds and artists.

Watch BOROF by Bhanga Bangla

The three brothers who make up Bhanga Bangla – Ivory Shakur, 41X, and Young Prince – grew up making music alongside artists of all walks of life in Los Angeles. In 2018, Bhanga Bangla was born and they decided to band together and work on music that represents what they truly believe in.

Bhanga Bangla redefined ‘Desi Trap’ & ‘Bangla Trap’ with the release of The VillageMatha Ta Fatabo , Chup Thak , and Jhamela Nai. As always, their music videos features the members of Bhanga Bangla in eye catching visuals which sparked the imaginations of teens & fans around the world; as they represented their Bangladeshi heritage, in addition to their American Desi heritage and upbringing.

The group is well known for their creative music videos, and “Borof” doesn’t disappoint when it comes to eye-catching visuals. Shot like an action movie, the video was directed by Kyle Morgan. Kyle is a seasoned professional and connected with the artists right from the start of their journey. Produced by 41X, Ivory Shakur, and Young Prince, Bhanga Bangla also worked alongside Chicago-born Indian producer, Peter Pradeep Madana, who engineered the record.

Hip Hop hasn’t seen the rise of South Asian artists in the way that it is witnessing right now. With music videos that look like excerpts from anime and superhero movies, Bhanga Bangla has done their part to spark the imagination of Millennials and Generation Z fans.