Is This The Best Underground Hip-Hop Music Video So Far In 2019?

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Shivam Rawal (or just RAWAL), is a refreshing voice from the Delhi Hip-Hop scene. There is a sense of ambition when you listen to his tracks. His latest offering is one which sets the tone for the direction he has chosen to go with. “Nothing New” is a blast of new energy, mixed with emotion and messages for the soul. There are few artists who execute concepts, and rarely do you see artists who execute concepts greatly.

In The Zone

Doha Productions – a production company established by well known music director Vaksh Vimal, aims to carve a new benchmark for videos in the scene. This is one of the few production houses in India that understands the sounds and concepts of Hip-Hop music on a grassroots level. There also has to be an immediate sync in thought and process while shaping a music video up, and Doha Productions bridges that gap well.

“Nothing New” is a story based concept. It pulls out artistic creativity and showcases self-harm in a layman perspective all the while blasting subliminal imagery in the viewers face. There is also an innate sense of self awareness in the way the lyrics are penned down by Rawal, and the video reflects two sides, one of addiction and one of liberation.

MC Kode represents the antagonist in the video, a special role and he plays it to a great caliber. This is art in a music video. There is also a certain need for a fresh standard of quality in the current rap scene and it is songs and videos like these that set the bar. The video also sheds perspective on the dangers of substance abuse. And what a way to do it.

Watch the video for “Nothing New” by Rawal -x- Doha Productions down below. And don’t forget to share the video with your friends.