Birthday Special – Countdown Of Best Sikander Kahlon Tracks


Today, its 13th August and it’s the day when North India’s prodigy was born. Yes I am talking about one of the finest Punjabi underground rappers, Sikander Kahlon. Sikander was born on 13th August 1994 in Mohali City of Punjab, India.

Sikander Kahlon-Desi Hip Hop Image


On this blissful day, the whole Desi Hip Hop community feels blessed to have one of the most impactful rappers of all time in India. Also, it will be impossible to talk about all of his releases in one article. As Sikander Kahlon has done over 150 tracks and seven mixtapes in total.

Below are some Sikander Kahlon tracks which according to me are the best. Check it out –

1) Chal Chaliye

Chal Chaliye was his first and only mainstream track which was released after he was signed with DHN Artist. As a matter of fact, he track was released on March 2016 by Panasonic  MTV Spoken Words and featured Manj Musik.


KITN – ‘King In The North’ is one of his recent release from the album ‘Mohali Messiah 2’. Furthermore, it was produced by Byg Byrd.

3) Mitra Da Swag

The track is featured by some of the big names like Deep Jandu, Divine and Gangis Khan. The track was released on April 2016. While music was given by Deep Jandu, the whole project was powered by One Digital Entertainment.

4) Game Over

The track Game Over featured the whole KKG Crew. Which includes Rob C, Shady Immortal, VR Creative and Sikandar Kahlon himself. Moreover, each member dropped their bars perfectly on the beat.

5) I’m Ready

The track I’m Ready released in 2013. As a matter of fact, it was a diss track and is one of the best desi diss tracks. Furthermore its duration was a total of 8 minutes. Also, Kahlon has done his homework well before he released the track. Since, he made sure every line in the track hits the target on point.

As already said there are number of more Sikander Kahlon tracks which were best. However, we can’t talk about each one of it. In addition, the number of tracks covered above is just a small piece from his rap career. Finally, we at Desi Hip Hop wishes him a very Happy Birthday. Furthermore, we wish him luck and success and want him to keep growing more stronger and bigger with every release in near future.