Best Desi Hip-Hop Videos Shot On iPhone


With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple is surely taking their camera game up another level. As they usually do, they have included loads of “new” features in the latest iPhone. People look for different things in a smart phone and the iPhone caters to the ones who look for specific quality.

Droidheads however, have been prone to the full package. They want it all, the full experience. An android device is fully customizable and has more features than an iPhone. But what it makes up in features, it lacks in quality.

In any case, being an Android fan or being an iPhone fan, it depends on what you use it for. Desi artists have made use of the iPhone to the maximum. They have combined creativity with technology and made the optimum use of what they have. These are some of the videos from Desi Hip Hop scene that have been shot completely on an iPhone.


1) Divine – Jungli Sher

When the iPhone 6 came out, Divine had a hit single ready to be converted into a video. Director Vandana Kataria took hold of this opportunity and thought of a complete music video to be shot plainly on an iPhone. The video was shot at 43 different locations over a span of 4 days and nights. It remains Divine’s biggest hit till date and represents the life of a gully boy.

The shots have been crafted perfectly and executed really well telling the story of a boy who “Came from the gutter/raised by a single mother//”. The video captures Mumbai in all its glory and ends with Divine performing the song in front of a lion logo that represents his brand “Jungli Sher”.

Best Desi Hip-Hop Videos Shot On iPhone

This video stands at over 2 million views as of now and counting. With the tagline of the song being “khilaadi mere jungli hai”, Divine established his crowd by proclaiming all of them to be like lions. It is also an eye-catching treat to watch how the iPhone was used to build the video in such a way. You can watch the video below.


2) Naezy – Aafat

In Mumbai, a kid straight out of Kurla gets an iPad as a gift. This guy really wants to rap and show the world what he’s really good at. He records his first single “Aafat” after making the beat on the ipad, even shoots, records and edits the video for it. The rest is history. A new style was born with Naezy the Baa being on the front and centre of it. ully rap came into existence because of this move.

Best Desi Hip-Hop Videos Shot On iPhone

Though not shot on the iPhone, it amounts to the same thing with the same camera being used. The deal here is the fact that this simple video was edited and executed well. The video sees Naezy rapping towards the camera and talking about his life, showing his technical skills, and so on.

Maybe the video might be shabby, but as a first attempt for anyone using it, its not half as bad. The video soon went viral and received Naezy the recognition he deserved. This further propelled him to newer heights and made him the rap name he is today. Small steps to bigger heights!

3) Dee MC – Taking My Time

Dee MC is one of the (if not only) freshest sounding emcees in the game. Over time she has delivered multiple songs that have caught the eyes of the public. After her hit single “Chaar Logon Ki Baatein” put her on the map, she took some time to create the next single. Aptly titled “Taking My Time” the video represents her rapping through playful areas while highlighting her taking her time. This was to hone her skills as the femcee she is.


HutNation shot the complete video for “Taking My Time” in one day on iPhone 7. The extremely creative talents at HutNation designed the video in a very well-mannered way. They shot Dee chilling at Mumbai metro stops, inside play areas of the mall and inside a Hamley’s store. In the background we see familiar faces like D’Evil, HHB, Poetik Justis and MC Heam also chilling with her.

This year, she went on tour in the UK playing for the “Alchemy Festival”. Furthermore, she plans to release her debut album soon! Check out “Taking My Time” below –

4) Poetik Justis – Clouds

Poetik Justis has been known to make creative videos in the scene. Each of his videos also have different sets of values imprinted on them. His video for “Clouds” off his debut album “Greatness” has talked about social issues. The song highlights climate change and the perils of it. Not many emcees highlight this topic when they rap and hence this was a focal point for Poetik to choose this topic.


This song has a video that was completely shot on an iPhone. The video is a stark, monotone video with a blue tinge representing the planet. Poetik Justis along with HHB shot the video in a day inside a fort in Mumbai. The video shows him moving around the fort and captures key elements, sky, earth, water and fire to represent the way we are treating our planet. As a matter of fact, he paired the iPhone with different lenses to achieve different effects. Nikhil Vaiude has done a splendid edit of the music video and has also included subliminal messages in it too!

Do take a look at the video below.

5) Kav-E – Bebdo


Kav-E is working on his debut album as we type this through. The versatile emcee, who is also first generation rapper of the Desi Hip-Hop scene has a LOT in his bag. Kav-E dropped a jewel “Bebdo” – a soul soothing song shot entirely on an iPhone.

The video is a one take cut, shot and edited by Nikhil Vaiude of Elsewhere crew. In the video we also see Kav-E’s real life cousin take the lead role, as the camera follows the man in drunken rage. The video is so simple yet so brilliant. We definitely need more videos like this in the underground.

The acting is spectacularly on-point. Arnold Cardoz does a great job capturing the essence of a man in a drunken fit. The dichotomy of this video is that the song is one of clarity and the video shows a man enraged. This is a must watch for video and music lovers alike!

6) Hardy – DHH Freestyle

Chandigarh based emcee Hardy has also done a video shot completely on the iPhone. This was a small freeverse he did as part of the Freestyle Friday series on Desi Hip-Hop. The freestyle sends a fresh Chandigarh vibe and presents some real raw bars. Hardy does a great job of pulling off the smooth flow.

Furthermore, his video is simple to the point and lets the music do the talking for him. Finally, its a great age to make content and the use of a cellphone to record your skills is a blessing.

Check the video out below!

We know there must be many more videos shot on iPhone from the Desi scene. Comment some of the best iPhone shot music videos you’ve seen from Desi rappers.