Benny The Butcher Hyped by His Drake Co-Sign, Hints of Collab

The 6 God gave shout outs to a few rappers during his recent Rap Radar interview, including rap collective Griselda. Drizzy name checked the group multiple times and Benny The Butcher is making sure his personal shout out is taken seriously. Benny hit up Instagram and shared the clip where Drake gives him props.

“Let’s Go,” he wrote in the caption. “this would fuck niggas up.”

Drake praised Griselda throughout his conversation with Rap Radar hosts Elliot Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller, especially once the topic turned to current Hip Hop music that inspires him.

“Just in our like rap rap space, I really like that whole like cliqueing up Griselda shit,” he said. “It’s just ill to me.”

B. Dot, one half of Rap Radar, who’s also a fan of the WWCD creators, asked if there was potential for a Benny and Drake collaboration.

“Yo, I’m down,” Drake replied. “I’m down. Benny showed me love on an interview one time too.”

“I think what they’re doing is great.” he said. “It just reminds me of a different time and it’s not easy to do. To make that music and just come off wavy and be interesting.”

Drake continued to commend Griselda, applauding them for bringing back a rap collective that’s inspired by classic and gritty Hip Hop.

HEADER IMAGE by Prince Williams/Wireimage