BEG X KKG Are Teaming Up For A Track That Will Blow Your Mind!

You guys are not ready for this! Trust me, soon you are going to witness a dope track by two of the favourite hip-hop crews in the desi hip-hop scene. Yes, I’m talking about Kala Kurta Gang and Black Eye Galaxy. As a matter of fact, both the hip-hop crews are coming together for a track called “Repeat”. Accordingly, the track has Guru Lahori, Rush Toor, and Mohan Singh from Black Eye Galaxy and Sikander Kahlon, Sady Immortal, and Rob C from Kala Kurta Gang.

Repeat-BEG-KKG Image

As a matter of fact, the track will come out through On the other hand, is a brand that believes in “Unity Through Hip-Hop” and these two crews have the same ideology and they both agreed to do a track which is produced by Sez. IQ has produced the whole track and on the other hand, Manj Musik and Saheer helped them with the post production of the track. Both the crews have their own fan base and by doing a track together, they are promoting “UNITY” which plays a crucial role in the Desi hip-hop scene. this is the way that Desi Hip-Hop movement can continue to grow and also, with more talented artists working together, not against each other.

Brief About Kala Kurta Gang

On various platforms, Sikander Kahlon mentioned that Kala Kurta Gang is a movement. First, it was Sikander Kahlon, HK, and Rob C who were doing hip-hop in their initial days.


Later, Veer Karan and Sady Immortal joined. At present, the Kala Kurta Gang have three active members that are Sikander Kahlon, Sady Immortal, and Rob C.  Also, they are working on Kala Kurta Gang’s album as well. Kala Kurta Gang is one of the finest and dopest hip-hop crews in the indie hip-hop scene.

Brief About Black Eye Galaxy

Talking about crews, Black Eye Galaxy is also doing great work as a team. The crew has Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Rush Toor, and Kallmeup. What has made me a fan of the crew is that they were able to pull off sounding like a unit.

guru lahori rush toor

Many crews often sound like different individuals just collaborating on the track, recording their individual verses and putting a hook but not BEG. The group raps in English and Punjabi.

We are waiting for this track and trust me this track will turn the table and will change the mentality towards hip-hop.