Become A DJ On Hip-Hop’s Anniversary Thanks To Google Doodle!

Google Doodles have always been utmost creative and entertaining to the millions of users across the globe. Today, Google pays ode to one of the most important dates in the history of Hip Hop culture. August 11, 1973 was the day when DJ Kool Herc introduced a new form of music to the world.

While the people were still in the mood for Disco, DJ Herc introduced the breaks with his sick turntables. By combining sounds of two different records, he kept the party going non stop mixing one track with another. And scratches, don’t forget the sick scratches!

Become A Hip Hop DJ For The Day Thanks To Google Doodle!

Google Doodle takes you through a brief history of how it all began and finally brings you to the best part. In the end of the Doodle history, there is a cool turntable waiting for you to lay hands on it. Don’t worry about the technicalities as Google will take you through it step by step.

Much like the old school way, there are hundreds of records to choose from and place on either side of the turntable. There is a fader/mixer in between that lets you switch from left to right side of the turntable. Just try it a few times and become a hip hop DJ for the day!

This is definitely an amazing thing for hip hop enthusiasts and one shouldn’t miss it at any cost. So no matter what you are doing today, make sure to take some time out and get your hands on the coolest Google Doodle of all time!

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