Beatboxer D-Cypher Just Made LL Cool J Lose His Cool!

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Bombay based beatboxer D-Cypher lived one of the best days of his life recently. It’s any hip hop artists’ dream come true to come face to face with their idol and have a chance to showcase what they got. In such an instance, D-Cypher got the chance to go live with none other than hip-hop legend LL Cool J himself!

Gaurav Gambhir aka D-Cypher started as back as 2014 and has been one of the most sought out artists from the scene. Hailing from Virar, the beatboxer is a part of the hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal. Last week while LL Cool J was live on his instagram, D-Cypher sent out a request to join him and to his surprise was accepted by the OG! Reading out beatbox from his name, LL Cool J was more than excited to bring him live.

Once the request was accepted, what went down was nothing short of a historic moment for artists back in India. The mere five minutes D-Cypher got, he put to full use by first showcasing his beatbox skills. LL Cool J seemed to have lost all his cool continuously head-bobbing and vibing to Gaurav’s beatbox. The face he made is the international ‘that’s fire’ face we’ve all seen being in the hip-hop scene!

Catch Gaurav aka D-Cypher beatbox for LL Cool J here –


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It looked almost as if Cool J is going to pop up out of the screen and give major props to D-Cypher in person. Gist of which he did in the live itself, he couldn’t believe so much talent coming out of Mumbai, India. While the experience was surely humbling for D-Cypher, even for LL it made him realise the global reach and power of hip-hop. Which made him accept Gaurav’s request a second time around where he requested D-Cypher to include some Indian beatbox elements this time.

LL mentioned that he told his people about the unbelievable skills D-Cypher showcased and further went on to say that now he’s going to be a staple artist on his live sessions. So much so that he asked D-Cypher to bring onboard his Bombay Lokal teammates the next time around. Cool J signed off by saying that he’s going to ask his team to get in touch with D-Cypher to cook something up! That is HUGE!

In the words of Khaled, another one! Watch what happened when D-Cypher went live with LL Cool J for the second time –


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Whether or not that happens, just having the time and attention of a legend like LL Cool J is a catalyst to D-Cypher’s burning fire. The beatboxer garnered lot of praises from the Indian rap community including artists like Badshah and Divine. “Getting introduced by my idol to his viewers on a live stream made me feel overwhelmed. I had never thought that one day I will get to talk to him face to face and get props from him for my beatbox performance,” added Gaurav.

D-Cypher earlier made waves last year with his stint in Gully Boy with the ‘Asli Hip Hop’ rap cypher. Where him and his crew mate Beatraw can be seen beatboxing for Ranveer Singh. Tomorrow you can catch D-Cypher live with me for the weekly live show ‘The Fifth Element’ hosted by yours truly, Dee MC. Tune-in and catch us get into the details of his one of a kind experience!