BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Sloth ranks Desi Hip Hop Artists


One of BBC Radio 1‘s most well-known DJs and hosts – Charlie Sloth – recently took the liberty to rank Desi Hip Hop artists that Preeya Kalidas had prepared for him to listen to.

The man who recently broke Big Shaq (skkkraa!) to the world, went in with his reviews and feedback about Desi rappers & artists. And, he ended the segment promising a bright future for the Desi Hip Hop movement worldwide.

Charlie Sloth Ranks RaxstarBadshahRaja KumariTazZz, & Naezy

Charlie Sloth is a man who rose to fame when he started working on his YouTube vlogs, but he’s someone who’s had to work hard on making his mark in Hip Hop. The man spent years working on his craft in his shed before blowing up to become one of the most well known Radio DJs in the world of Hip Hop.

charlie sloth

Because of Charlie’s knowledge of Hip Hop, Preeya Kalidas took to the mic to get some thoughts, reviews, & feedback from Sloth about Desi Hip Hop artists.

She played music from 6 distinct artists – Raxstar, BadshahRaja Kumari, TazZz, & Naezy

We’re not gonna give it away, but his opinions on Desi Hip Hop artists and the whole movement gets pretty interesting… let’s just say he’s pretty much spot on!

Although Charlie Sloth ranked only a handful of artists, it shows the world that the genre of Desi Hip Hop is wildly growing in all aspects.

In fact, check out how many nationalities this small list contained –

Raxstar – UK, Badshah – India , Raja Kumari – US/India , TazZz – UK/Pakistan  , Naezy –  India

This small segment showcases the various walks of life that Desi artists come from. With this power of globalization, Desi artists only have to take advantage of their own individual uniqueness to take things to a whole new level.

“Hip Hop right now needs an artist of Asian heritage to come through & do something explosive. I’ve been saying that for the last 4 or 5 years.

And there’s one that’s gonna come through within the next 2-3 years who’s gonna be an international super star.


Mark My Words.” – Charlie Sloth


Hats off to you, Charlie Sloth, we completely & whole-heartedly agree with you.