Battle Rapper Hardknok From Kolkata Joins Dee MC On The Fifth Element

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Dee MC kicked off her weekly series ‘The Fifth Element’ coming to your quarantined screens every Tuesday at 10pm IST. In her own words she aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. Shows and other major events can be anticipated to be on a lockdown for several months due to the corona outbreak. However, the action doesn’t stop!

Every single week we invite guest artists ranging from all five elements of hip hop and in last week’s session we had veteran rapper Hardknok join Dee MC. The emcees touched on various topics right from the inception of hip hop scene via Orkut almost a decade ago, to its current state as well as what the future holds. Coming from the deep belly of underground music, Hardknok has seen the rise of hip hop in India.

For those unaware of Hardknok’s music, battle rap arena is where you can find most of his accomplishments. HK started off listening to artists like Eminem and 50 Cent and gradually became a part of the Indian hip hop forum known as Insignia. Starting off his journey by text battling emcees from across the country, battle rap became an integral part of his passion for hip hop. From there to the stage of Battle Bars Bombay, Hardknok has sure come a long way.

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Talking about some of his favourite rap battles that have taken place, HK gave his ode to emcees like That Dude AJ, Poetik Justis and Infamous to name a few. Although we haven’t heard much from HK musically, that is about to change with 2020. Finding encouragement in the music released by artists like That Dude AJ and Kav-E, HK is now onto creating new music which will be self-produced as well.

His recent audio battle with Poetik Justis for the ongoing B3 Open Season will give you an idea of what to expect from his future music. Watch the full episode to catch him spit some fire bars! And don’t forget to tune in on Tuesdays at 9pm for a brand new episode of The Fifth Element.